Mark Cuban Meets Tai Lopez at His House

Self-made billionaires are serious. Billionaire Mark Cuban Tai Lopez

($3 billion total assets, Shark

Tank, Dallas Mavericks owner) visited your

home today for 4 hours to play some basketball, talk

publications, and also share some

future fads to buy. I

counted exactly how many genius points he

informed me. It was 19 different points. He’s

a damn smart male – one of the

most observant and also

mindful people I’ve

talked with in a long period of time.


reaction when I asked him just how it

really felt to end up being a billionaire

split me up, haha. One effective

factor is that you only need to win

as soon as. Then everybody will certainly neglect your previous

blunders. So true … Listen in as well

as you will see why Mark’s a game-changer.

Fire a text to me or Mark on his free app, Cyber Dust (I’m under

@tailopez). For those of you in my innovative

company Accelerator application, I

taped some

private things with Mark

simply for you so go examine it out.

Tai Lopez Interviews Billionaire Mark Cuban

Tai Lopez is a financier, companion, or expert to over 20 multi-million buck businesses. With his prominent e-book club and also podcasts Tai shares insight on the best ways to attain health and wellness, wealth, love, and also joy with 1.4 million people in 40 countries.